Extreme wide angle in large format pinhole photography

The Zero Image 45 is a large format pinhole camera with the film negative size of whopping 4×5 inches.

Imagine a digital camera with a sensor that large…..  😉

This Zero Image 45 is very clever built. The basic version consists of one extension frame of 25 mm focal length. That is about 7-8 mm for a full format digital or a 35mm film camera. Then you can add up to 10 frames to a focal length of 250 mm. The Zero 75B comes with two 25mm extension frames which allows you to set the camera to 25mm, 50mm or 75mm at anytime you want.

This image is made with just one frame, at a focal length of 25 mm. If you photograph your own hand and arm the image will show you this extreme focal length to the fullest.

You can also use pinhole or zone plate setting with all focal lengths from 25-75 mm. So there is huge creative opportunities with this camera. Just love that….

Zero Image 45 Focal length 25 mm Ilford FP4+ Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Zero Image 45
Focal length 25 mm
Ilford FP4+
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4


16 thoughts on “Extreme wide angle in large format pinhole photography

  1. Great exposure and image Marie! I tried my friend’s ZI 45 with one frame and hope to one day pick up the ZI 45 with three frames, Love your new site as well! Yay Lenlessness!

    • Thanks a lot Jana!! And thanks for RT on Twitter too!! 🙂
      I had a tough start with my Z2000, now I have three of Zero’s fantastic cameras and I must say they are fabolous!! Love’em…
      Now, I long for light and sun and springtime!
      Thanks again Jana!

    • Thanks a lot Jesús!
      Yes, it is not easy to show the extremes in the best way. I did a couple of sheets in the forest, but I had a too low perspective, so it do not show properly.
      But this one is rather nice…
      Thanks again!

  2. Wow, that’s a gorgeous photo, Marie! I love the sense of both quiet and energy at the same time.

    And I don’t want to want to try 4×5, but when I see this, I can’t help wanting to 🙂

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