My name is Marie, you may know me from my primary blog Shimmering Grains

I’m hopelessly addicted to film photography, and right now I’m very much in for pinhole photography, and that is my reason to set up this blog.

On this blog it will just be images, pinhole and zone plate images, and a description of what camera I have used, film and the processing of the film.

I will try not to publish the same images as at Shimmering Grains, but sometimes there is a story I want to tell you there, and sometimes there will be a reblogging.

I hope you will enjoy this blog dedicated to pinhole and zone plate photography!  🙂


Holga WPC
Rollei 400 IR + Wratten 89B
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Marie, I’ve just started my 3rd year Fine Art and Photography degree. My photography work is going to be predominately pinhole so I was pleased to stumble across your blog. I shall look forward to keeping up to date with your new work 🙂

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