Under the bridges of Stockholm

I have just tried a new developer, just to try to give my images taken with Ilford PanF+ a bit more rich and strong appearence, and for that I chose Ilford’s Ilfotec DD-X. Usually I use Kodak Tmax developer, it has become my standard go-to, but with this film, it do not deliver what I want.

But Ilford Ilfotec DD-X really did that. So in the future I will definitely try it also with the other Ilford films that I use.

And for you, I love you all, and I want to thank you all for your great patience with me and my “almost-no-posting-nor-liking-period”. I can just hope it will be better soon…..  Very very soon….  😉


Until then, enjoy! And have some wonderful early summer days! 🙂

Zero Image 2000 Ilford Pan F+ Ilfotec DD-X

Zero Image 2000
Ilford Pan F+
Ilfotec DD-X


6 thoughts on “Under the bridges of Stockholm

    • No, I have not, is it good too? Great, I will absolutely try it! I have a bottle of an equivalent, R09 I think, but I have only tried this with stand developement.
      Thanks a lot Jesús!! 🙂

  1. Hi Marie, it’s good to see you posting here! This image has such wonderful composition and depth, and differentiation of the gray tones. And I like a Rodinal equivalent too (I use Adonal), with medium-speed and slower films, including Pan F+ and FP4+.

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