Happy Holidays!!

Today is the darkest and shortest day of the year.
But that also means that it turns now! Quite soon it becomes brighter again. In about two weeks, it will be noticeable that the days are getting a little bit longer each day.
I look forward to that!

I want to wish you all a lovely Christmas and New Year’s holiday with this image which also shows that a dark cold winter can actually be really beautiful. After all.

Take care, see you soon.

Zero Image 2000 Fuji Velvia 50

Zero Image 2000
Fuji Velvia 50


10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!!

  1. Det känns så skönt att se på… så mjukt. Om jag kunde ta på detta så skulle det kännas som vadd. 🙂 Jag tycker mycket om dom “mjuka” formationerna i snön. Helt underbar vinterbild med det fina blå vinterljuset!

    Och jag ser också fram emot när det blir ljusare och allt längre dagar.

    Önskar dig detsamma Marie – en God Jul och ett Gott Nytt (foto) År!!

  2. A Merry Winter’s Solstice to you Marie! I burn electric candles in my windows starting on this date, to honor the return of the light. Your photograph certainly does display the splendor and beauty of winter.

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